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    Solid system now broken with latest display drivers.


      My system has ran without any issues for years with AMD video cards until the latest display drivers. All the previous drivers worked without issue and I install new drivers the exact same way each time.


      I'm currently running an Asus R9 290 video card with two 27" monitors at 1440P. A Benq XL2730Z at 144hz connected by display port and a Qnix QX2710 at 60hz connected by dvi. Windows 7.


      When I install the drivers and reboot shortly after my monitors will lose sync. First the Qnix drops out and then the Benq. Turning them on and off again doesn't help. I have to reboot the system and it will again lose sync within 5 minutes.


      Now when I roll back to older drivers when using the desktop I will get this occasional micro burst horizontal line flicker across the lower center part of both monitors.


      What ever you did to the latest drivers AMD please fix it. This is unacceptable.

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          Hello smokey,

          I have the same issues like you. I don´t know what AMD did to this driver. Are you currently running 16.7.3?


          I already made a discussion where I described similar issues. Maybe you wanna join.

          System Crash with latest driver (16.7.3, Hotfix of 16.7.2)



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            Just Updated my Crimson a few days ago as I seen the WHQL was offered ( 16.7.2 ) I am on Windows 7 64 Bit and everything seems to be working as it always did on my desktop, However with this new update I to have noticed this flicker on my lower part of the screen when it gets to desktop ( Task Bar ).

            I'll keep an eye on this thread I am curious as to what it might be before a possible Roll Back.


            Regards, Ambrose


            ******** Update ********



            Took some free time and my issue of the flickering Task bar Windows 7 64 Bit seemed to be caused by my Icon Utility ( Alcor Micro Corp. ) during my start up, I unchecked it Via msconfig and I have no more task bar flicker.

            For the life of me I can't figure out what that would have to do with my Crimson update, But....... This is when the flicker started happening.


            Anyone have an Idea as to why?????


            Cheers, Ambrose

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              Well I rolled back to drivers from May. It ran fine the rest of the weekend except for the occasional flickering line across the screens when websurfing. I came home today and turned on my system. When I return an hour later the fans on the video card are running at full speed and the monitors have lost sync again. I reboot and the screens lose sync just as before (within a couple of minutes), however I'm now using the old drivers that used to work.


              FYI, I did run DDU before I installed them but I'm starting to get the impression that the new drivers really did a job on my system. Maybe even physically.


              I disconnected the dvi connected Qnix and it is currently staying up and no horizontal line flickering "yet".


              I'm so frustrated I'm ready to go buy another brand video card but the issue is I have a freesync monitor and the brand card I will buy will not work with that feature.


              If anyone has ANY idea please help. My system ran perfectly for the past few years until the latest DRIVERS!


              AMD you should obviously know what you changed in those drivers to cause this. PLEASE FIX IT!

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                I booted up my system this morning and nothing. Not even the bios screen. The second reboot it came up.


                At this point I have to conclude the drivers physically damaged my video card. It is not a coincidence that the issue started immediately after driver installation.


                I'm at a loss of what to do at this point.