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Rx 480 bad performance

Question asked by jondam on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by cssoz

Hello i recently bought a new desktop with the following specs:

Core I5-6600 3.3 GHz

Sapphire Rx 480 8GB (Using the latest 16.7.2 Drivers)

8GB Kingston Fury 2133 DDR4

MSI-H170 Gaming M3 Motherboard

And what i believe a Thermaltake 500w PSU (I'm sure it is 500w but not sure what kind is it as it was included in the thermaltake case)

Windows 10 Pro x64


Ther problem is the following :
The first day i bought the PC i updated the drivers and downloaded anti-virus ... etc

The 2nd day i moved the games on an external HDD from my old laptop to the new desktop the first game i played was GTA V, the game gave me a mix between ultra and very high settings so i hit benchmark i got 75-85 Fps was so happy then went on to play Arma 3 got 45-55 Fps on the default setting that was provided on launch

2 Days later GTA V started to feel a bit laggy so i decreased the graphics a bit to all very high only and disabled few things then laggy again decreased few things to high and guess what instead of 75-85 Fps i'm getting 25-40 fps as max, Arma 3 i'm now getting 10 fps on medium and DayZ feels worse than my old Laptop as i didn't check my fps on this one at the beginning but it felt it was somewhat above 60 now i check it i'm getting 20-30 as tops ?!

Today GTA V ,the whole PC Crashed giving me Red screen and loud buzzing noise throught the headphones

I rolled back my drivers then updated it with no results , and now i completely unistalled the drivers and installed the drivers included in the GPU's box tried GTA V again with the same 25-40 Fps.

I'm currently updating to the latest drivers again and will update the post if anything changes (Okay Edit no slight change)


But is this a defective card ? or a software issue ? or what is going on ?