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HD 5970 - Crossfire only with CCC 13.12

Question asked by anomalyx on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2018 by kingtryndamere

I have got a HD 5970 and im currently running it with CCC 13.12
I wanted to update my drivers to play newer games and fix some slutter issues.
But after upgrading to 15.7.1 or 16.2.1 the CrossFire option is gone and GPU-Z

shows me that Crossfire is not enabled.
I already took a look into google and i found many people with the same issue.
I tried to re-install Windows 10 as well, but it still dont work with new drivers.


I want to play, good damned we payed around 570€ for something that is not working

correctly. I thought about buying a new CrossFire setup, but i saw that many people

have the same issue with 7990 or Dual R9 290X  as well!
In all the threads about that issue i found some "fixes" but nothing worked for me,

so now i beg for help - please AMD support this!



Does this issue come from the standart Windows 10 AMD Graphics driver?