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    HD 5970 - Crossfire only with CCC 13.12


      I have got a HD 5970 and im currently running it with CCC 13.12
      I wanted to update my drivers to play newer games and fix some slutter issues.
      But after upgrading to 15.7.1 or 16.2.1 the CrossFire option is gone and GPU-Z

      shows me that Crossfire is not enabled.
      I already took a look into google and i found many people with the same issue.
      I tried to re-install Windows 10 as well, but it still dont work with new drivers.


      I want to play, good damned we payed around 570€ for something that is not working

      correctly. I thought about buying a new CrossFire setup, but i saw that many people

      have the same issue with 7990 or Dual R9 290X  as well!
      In all the threads about that issue i found some "fixes" but nothing worked for me,

      so now i beg for help - please AMD support this!



      Does this issue come from the standart Windows 10 AMD Graphics driver?

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          It could be an issue with Windows 10 and your GPU. The HD 5970 has reached legacy status so there will not be any driver updates to fix existing issues. I would recommend rolling back your OS.

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              I had the same issue on Windows 8.1 as well! And i just fresh installed Windows 10, so why you tell me i should rolle back?
              A friend of me got the same graphics card and the same issue on windows 8.1!
              And why is there no more support? I mean the crossfire option is now buggy for more than 1 year and not only for the 5970.


              When this is your way to help, then i will never buy AMD products again. I where a big fan and i NEVER bought intel and nvidia.
              Back in the old days i already had some problems with your drivers, but i always could fix it. I bought many processor and gpu's

              from AMD and i always told friends that AMD is much better because of price/perfomance and that the AMD guys are not greedy.
              Dafuq, i bought AMD server processor as well, do you know how much they cost?


              So because of the repeatly bad drivers and support ill never buy or recommand AMD stuff again, sorry guys. You fu.. it up!
              Its not the first time i bought a 600€ gpu that is not running probably. My friends always told me that they never had problems

              on nvidia!


              When i where the CEO of your company of would fire all your driver programmer for releasing drivers that are not working!

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                  Okay. The reason for suggesting trying your previous OS was that the HD 5970 lacks the necessary hardware support for DX12 and Windows 10. In addition, we are focusing our engineering resources on supporting customers using our latest GPUs as the HD5970 is now 7 years old. More information on that decision can be found here.


                  Have you tried moving the 5970 to a different PCI-E slot, and then trying a clean installation of our last Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta driver?


                  I am using 2x 7990's and a R9 295x2 but i have been unable to reproduce the issue you have described on Windows 10.

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                      Ill try the 15.11.1 driver later.


                      But im wondering because i have this issue on Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10.
                      And i already tried the card on a friends pc with windows 8.1 and it only worked with 13.12 as well.


                      So 13.12 is the only driver that worked on my AMD system and on the intel System of a friend. Why only this one?

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                          I don't know, unfortunately i do not have that hardware to test.

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                              I'v got a new Motherboard now.
                              I also installed Windows 7 and AMD-Catalyst-15.7.1-With-DOTNet45-Win7-64bit


                              But there is still no crossfire.


                              Men this card can still run all new games with dual gpu, how to use it with new driver?

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                                - Update to Dual-GPU 5970 -


                                I have tried 2 CPUs, 3 Mainboards & 6 operating systems now.

                                - AMD Phenom II 965

                                - Intel I3-6100


                                - AsRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming.-ITX/ac
                                - AsRock 980DE3/U3S3
                                - Asus M5A 78L-M USB3


                                Ubuntu 14 <- WORKS
                                Ubuntu 16 <- DOESNT WORK

                                Windows 7 <- WORKS UNTIL 13.12

                                Windows 8 <- WORKS UNTIL 13.12

                                Windows 8.1 <- WORKS UNTIL 13.12

                                Windows 10 <- WORKS UNTIL 13.12


                                14.4 came out ~ April 2014

                                HD 5970 came out ~ April 2009

                                The support time for the cards is 5 years? For me it seems like some kind of fraud/cheating here.
                                You guys ruined it and you didnt cared about your customers happiness all the time. So after many

                                months of frustration about dual gpus not working, i have decided to lets everyone here know what i

                                think about this situation.
                                I so i wont buy the AMD 480X or 580X CF for my lab rig, ill simply go for Nvidia GTX 1080 SLI. Just

                                two weeks ago i bought i3-6100 instead of your Ryzen and i will never ever buy AMD stuff again.
                                Thanks AMD, i never bought Intel or Nvidia before because i loved your stuff in the old days.But you people

                                made me so mad. So i have to change over...

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                        I think it works now cuz am using 2 HD 5970 in cf on 15.7 driver without any problems , anyway i love these cards no matter the age , got also HD 6990 great card  ,and on my main rig ryzen 5 1600 + r9 290x best combo ever . so yeah am amd guy the only think is you must make better and long support for your products