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    Why is AMD screwing Indian Customers?


      First of all, I've been using AMD products since Athlon times. I've been loyal to AMD products ever since. I upgraded my computer each generation even with the FX which was absolutely horrendous in single core performance yet I went ahead and bought it. Since then I've been patiently waiting for Zen but it's delayed again. So I decided to stick with my FX till the time Zen actually comes out. AMD recently launched Polaris GPU's for mainstream and the price was perfect too. I couldn't be happier but price here in India paints different picture. It's priced for 30,000INR (for reference design) that's 446USD! What the f***. Why? Even if considering all the import duties and taxes it should be priced 22,000. I am so disappointed with all the crap AMD is pulling on its loyal customers. Sorry to say but I'm gonna go with Team Blue and Team goblin this time! Thank you AMD. Thank you so much! You've lost another customer for ever

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          So I guess there's no need to even try to explain it to you that it's your retailers and etailers charging the insane markups based on basic principles of supply and demand and not AMD (though it would be the board partners since AMD doesn't make the cards anyway)?

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              Look like an Indian novice computer user. Ignorant of the computer peripheral price market.

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                  No I'm not a novice computer user. You shouldn't judge people by

                  understanding their situation. That's completely typical AMD fanboy



                  The 1060 launched for $250 which is btw available and retailing for cheap

                  than RX480. Also these are the same etailers and retailers and distributors

                  authorized by AMD itself. If AMD wishes to gain some market here it's their

                  responsibility too. They should check what price the end consumer has to

                  pay. If they care ofcourse.

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                      You want to complain about a free market economy then become a communist. You want AMD to force the board partners to force the retailers of their cards to sign price agreements then that's illegal in most countries under price fixing and collusion laws. And before you complain about AMD in India, they have a massive presence and plans to expand their operations in Hyderabad and soon to be Telangana. So stop complaining on here about retailers putting a markup over AMD's suggested price and start learning basic economics.

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                          I'm complaining at the fact that Nvidia being more expensive still is available for cheap.

                          Nor AMD or Nvidia are manafactured in India. Both are categorized under

                          electronics and are taxed and levied same way. Still Nvidia 'somehow'

                          manages to sell their cards for cheaper price. Now you'd say blame our

                          retailers for that. That's what I'm doing! But also its AMDs'

                          responsibility to check. They can assign new distributors and select

                          specific retailers. Samsung does that here in India it's not illegal to

                          keep check of pricing of your products and make sure they are priced

                          'right'. But well you don't seem understand. Nice talking to you.

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                            The same thing goes on in the US, buy a firaerm lately?  Manufacturers can and do set retail pricing lockdowns on their products, even in the good ol USA.

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                      I think they are just getting back at all the Indian telemarketers who call during supper...


                      But seriously, AMD has little to no control over what price the retailer chooses to sell their products, just like everyone else has already said.  And even if AMD does check, what can they do about it?  The only thing they can do is refuse to allow the retailers to sell their products, which would be a very stupid thing for AMD to do.


                      As a note, why not just buy it in the US and have it shipped to you?  I have bought things from India and had them shipped to me in the US already.