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    color management on 5k P3 iMac 2015 display


      hi all,


      i run Win10 in Bootcamp on a late 2015 iMac (5k display). Since it is a P3 display, i need to apply an ICC profile to the monitor to make colors look right. I know how to do this (Using ICC Profiles in Windows - PC Monitors), however on this particular machine, Windows ignores any change i make to the color profile settings. I suspect a driver problem.


      Is this a known issue? Does Crimson block/ignore ICC color profiles on bootcamp/Apple machines?


      The machine is running the AMD Crimson driver that Apple pushes on your system. The Crimson manager says there are updates available, however when I click on the release notes, it explicitly states that this updated drivers is NOT recommended for bootcamp systems. So updating is probably out of the question, just in case this is an old bug that has been fixed recently.


      Thanks in advance for any ideas.