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vray rt and OpenCL

Question asked by marceloviana on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by celexa

Why AMD cards are so slow in render software? And for so long why i didn't see any move from AMD to close this gap?

The only software that i know, that still suporting professional gpu render in open Cl, is vrayRT, now in version 3.4.

In this thread: Chaos Group Forums , using version 3.3 a guy with a firepro W8000 was able to render the test scene in 41m 51,3s

where Titan X in cuda achieve the same results in only 10m 07s.

Here is a link to get a picture of the actual situation: V-Ray RT GPU CUDA v3.10.02 - Render time in sec (smaller is better) - Google Sheets

Probably OpenCL isn't so good for this kind of job, but i really see a future in GPU render, and will be nice to see AMD doing great in this front too.

if anyone with a more capable card W9100 as example using this software could benchmark the scene with latest AMD driver?

Thanks in advance.