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Laptop shutting down because of overheating with Crimson 16.3.2

Question asked by cotecio on Jul 21, 2016

I updated the drivers of my laptop, an HP 15-P006LA with an AMD A8-6410 CPU and AMD Radeon R5 and R7 M260 graphics running Windows 7 64-bits from the Catalyst 14.9, which was giving me BSODs regarding atikmdag.sys at random, but otherwise working well to the more recent Crimson 16.3.2. I know it's a big leap on that update, but I had this hard disk with this installation as a backup and I had to put it back in after a long while. The problem began when I was installing the drivers, the laptop turned off and I got a Thermal Shutdown notice when I turned it on back again. When Windows boots up, whenever I try to open anything, Chrome, Firefox, a folder, a game, whatever, the fan goes at full speed and after a minute or so, the laptop turns off because of overheating. The laptop feels cold to the touch when this happens. Since I rolled back to Catalyst 14.9, the problem stopped, but I'm kind of sick of those BSODs I'm getting. I remember having to roll back to these 14.9 drivers in the past as well, as the most recent at that time were giving me problems trying to see pictures in Windows Photo Viewer, getting completely black pictures, and I would get black thumbnails for my pictures, which messed up my library to the point I had to rollback and copy all the pictures somewhere else and back to get Windows to generate the proper thumbnails.


I've been searching around but I haven't seen anybody report something like this. Apparently it has to do with the Windows 7 drivers, because under Windows 10 I get no problems at all.


Any help with this issue?