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    How to Improve Radeon Brand recognition and mindshare.


      Here is a list of User Feedback that AMD's driver team should strongly consider in order to help build up the Radeon brand.


      1) Improve market awareness of VCE. Official OBS needs VCE added so that people don't need to use the forked version which has VCE support. Too many market "influencers" always harp on about Shadowplay not aware that AMD's VCE is actually a superior implementation to NVENC. VCE needs more public awareness of its existence. Xsplit has been supporting VCE for a long time but few people know about it. A "intro to" or "how to tune" VCE settings could be a good way to go about this.


      2) Engage in more deep dive presentations with technical details. The competition's CEO is well known for personally giving excellent presentations and tech demos on new features. This shows the company's passion for their products and speaks directly to the consumer. AMD needs to improve on this front as well. The competition also has the Director of Technical Marketing visit reviewers and discuss a new architecture and its offerings shortly after launch. All of this goes towards furthering the halo effect of a company's products. Though AMD does this it doesn't have the same impact so it has a lot of areas for improvement.


      3) Improve Crossfire support. Look into ways to bring Crossfire to Borderless Windowed mode since this could be a huge real world useage scenario. SLI has made attempts at working in windowed and borderless fullscreen windowed modes though not perfect yet at least attempts have been made.


      4) Improve Idle Multimonitor Power consumption. Look at getting the VRAM to run at the lower clock value when using monitors with different display timings without any 3d application running. For example, dual 1080p screens where one is 60Hz and the other is 75Hz. Or a Freesync 1080p 75Hz + a normal 1080p 60Hz monitor. Reducing VRAM clock speed to reduce power consumption and idle temperatures go a long way in show casing a superior product. Reviewers do talk about this from time to time.