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1 of 5 monitors stuck in black and white HD7750

Question asked by the_anomaly on Jul 21, 2016
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Hello all,


I have a Dell T3600 workstation with an SSD, running Windows 7 64bit.  I decided to run 5 monitors instead of the 3 I had been using.  I bought and installed a Radeon HD7750.  The driver CD that came with it included drivers from 2013.  I installed everything (Catalyst control center and all features).  All 5 monitors were in color but I lost Aero.  In trying to fix Aero, I ran the dos command 'net stop uxsms' and then 'net start uxsms'.  There was no change but as I clicked exit from the Catalyst control center, everything went black and then two of my monitors were in black and white.  I tried rebooting, used AMDs driver wipe tool, reinstalling from the cd but I was not able to bring them back into color.  Then I downloaded the latest driver (Crimson 2016, 16.200) and installed it and now I have 4 monitors in color but one is still stuck in black and white.  Aero is also back with the Crimson driver install.  Any ideas?