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black screen in bo3 and........

Question asked by iainob1 on Jul 21, 2016
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After a few matches bo3 now blackscreens with the latest drivers and I have to close the process.


So not only does every game now downclock as I have freesync and an r9 295x2. but now games themselves black screen out. So is the old dx11 black screen bug back?


Which means

freesync + crossfire = coreclocks downclocking in fullscreen

crossfire disabled = downlcocking of core clocks in fullscreen

dx9 totally broken with the r9295x2 and windows 10. stutters and hitches and crossfire is broken. Yes freesync and crossfire does not work in dx9. This is dx9 on its own is broken.

Black screen bugs in games.


Oh and the latest driver is running hotter than any driver before. I'm over 70 now never before has it ever gone over 70. and that is with it downclocking all the time, so id imagine it being very hot when the clocks stay at full.


AMD fix your drivers for the r9 295x2 we are fed up of telling you about all these bugs that are still there. If you can not fix them then give us a card that does work as a replacement. No working driver at all for windows 10 and the r9 295x2 its all a joke.


And for the same as usuals, no its not ULPS, temps, pc set up power efficiency settings, power max settings. Its just the non working drivers.