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    amd installer showing up after driver install


      i just have installed amd new drivers, apu chipset and software, and after a month of using my pc i still get amd installer message on startup and after restarting, everytime i try to reinstall drivers and finish the operation, it still shows up.

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          Is this a driver update note (from raptr or amd?).


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              no, it wants me to continue istalling the amd chipset driver, I allready got a reply and i did what they told me to do, -----------------------------------------------------------------------

              As I understand that after you updated your driver & chipset driver for your GPU & motherboard you are observing AMD installer runs at computer startup or login. If I have missed any critical information about your inquiry, please let me know as my suggestion below may change.

              The AMD installer exe install one time on your computer & never again try to extract the installer again on every startup/login of the computer.

              If you have accidently added in program startup, you will experiencing such things. You can check & try to remove from the startup & check the issue status. If this is not the exact concern, please correct me with the problem description & possible screenshot/picture. ( i tryed but cant find it )

              Well this issue might have occurred for some sort of the registry error or driver might have overwritten on existing drivers.

              You may try to roll back to prior (previous) drivers & check the issue status? ( didnt do it)

              Here are few suggestion, I request you to perform on your computer because this can help you in fixing the issue:-

              I request you to uninstall the drivers by entering to Safe Mode on your computer. Try 3rd party DDU Utility (Display Driver Uninstaller).  ( i did this )

              Because it will help you completely uninstall AMD graphics card drivers and packages from your system, without leaving leftovers behind (including registry keys, folders and files, driver store)

              I request you to perform all windows essential updates such as Microsoft Net Framework and Visual C++ 2013etc. ( i did this )

              Once after updating all essential windows updates on your computer then you can download the drivers using the below link or use AMD Auto-Detect-Tool to download the compatible AMD Drivers on your computer.