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Will my Graphics card NOW support Windows 10?

Question asked by tattooedmonster on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2016 by trybalfish

I'm No noob with a computer, I've built mine myself, But with the recent information about windows 10, I was curious to what you guys in the AMD community think .  

I have a AMD R9 280 ( 200 series ) Graphics card, and the last time i upgraded to the FREE windows 10 update, all i kept getting was blue screen and crashes in game, This is a problem because i stream and also create content for Youtube, so it's stopping me from doing my job, so i downgraded, but its come to my attention they have done massive updates within the Few months its been out.

I wanted a professional opinion , With the updates. will my graphics card ( listed above ) support windows 10, and run as well if not better than windows 7 64bit. ??

Thanks for you time ! Have a great day.