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How to build best for Godavari A10-7860k APU?

Question asked by jykee on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2016 by black_zion

Hi Advanced Micro Device.

I have something curious in my AMD build.

Here is the deal

Now I have A10-7860k Godavari APU - i thought it is the most efficient than other APUs including 7890k -, A88X Chipset Motherboard which has 2 crossfire slots, and R7 250 Oland XT graphics card.

However, I feel my build's performance is fallen farther behind than other builds like intel based or amd am3 based.

So, I want to upgrade my build adding one more identical graphics card for multiple crossfire.

Is latest Godavari APU A10-7860k able to do crossfire with other 2 R7 250 GPU's, so I get 3 GPUs?

And I am so curious of how to use this Accelerated Processor Unit and its structure.

In terms of Dual Graphics, which one is better choice between R7 250 DDR3 or GDDR5?

Also, should I use ddr3-2133 or ddr3-2400 profiled ram with R7 250 GDDR5 1GB for better performance?

How about ddr3-1600 and R7 250 DDR3 2GB Dual Graphics for identical gdram frequency?

My question is massed up now...

To sum up, with latest A10-7860k APU, I need how to optimize my build to the maximum and how to use it best .