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    R9 280 - Driver/Bug mouse cursor




      Recently in my mouse cursor has emerged that dotted the left- side as the photos. Has anyone had this problem?


      I think it's something with the drivers. I made the following tests to try to find the problem, and it appears after I install the Catalyst or Crimson:


      • I tested on 2 different monitors
      • I used another mouse
      • I tested it on Windows 7, 8 and 10


      And yet soon as I install the drivers the dashed back.


      He did not appear under the following conditions:


      • Using the standard Windows drivers
      • I installed another video card - GTX 650


      Can someone help me?




      2016-07-19 20.43.31.jpg2016-07-19 20.44.32.jpg2016-07-18 02.23.15.jpg