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    HD4225 and HD5430 combination on Windows 10. Drivers issue



      I have read the article about use of switchable graphics on Windows 10. I understand that many people have a similar problem.

      I would agree just to find any driver which will suit my laptop to work properly on Windows 10. I am agree not to use the switchable graphics. Just want to use any or both of the video chips I have.


      I have HP dm3-2015er laptop with HD4225 and HD5430 switchable graphics. When I updated my OS from Win7 to Win8 I spent a few weeks to manage the driver because HP stopped to support this model. I used Catalyst 12.1 driver package and manually changed Microsoft PCIExpress driver to AMD 3GIO Filter driver. It helped me and my video cards worked well except the feature of changing the operational graphics card.

      I have updated my Win8.1 to Win10 last week. I cannot manage with the drivers now.

      3d18a187f-8381-4771-ad04-3a16f7951797 (1).PNG


      I have tried the following drivers already:

      - Microsoft generic drivers. It works as generic, but everything is very slow and I cannot even watch Youtube video. The brightness level is adjustable.

      - Catalyst 12.1 which helped me in Windows 8. Everything is slow and the brightness level is not adjustable.

      - Catalyst 12.3 and 12.4. The same issue.

      - Catalyst 15.7.1.

      - Crimson 16.2.1.

      I cannot manage any normal operation for my laptop in Windows 10.

      What could you recommend me to do?