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Black screen with RX480 after succesfully loading into Windows

Question asked by scardox on Jul 19, 2016
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  • OS: Windows 10
  • CPU: i5-4570
  • GPU: Powercolor RX480
  • Mobo: MSI H81m-E33
  • EVGA 500w Bronze 80+
  • Ram: 2x 4gb DDR3
  • Monitors: 4k 40" Wasabi Mango Zen U400 and AOC 24"



  • After installing RX 480, my monitors frequently display 'no input' after getting past the motherboard loading screen.
  • It is seemingly random whether or not the display works.
  • Also, while changing display settings through Windows or AMD settings, the display will cut out. Once the display cuts out, attempting to replug in any monitor to any port will not work.
  • When the display does work, adding a second monitor via DP does not work.
  • Behavior has been confirmed with both monitors, seemingly more common on the 4k monitor.
  • Graphics card makes a "whoosh" sound around when the display cuts out.
  • My monitor briefly reported "Dvi 1080p" showing Windows loading icon before the display cut out, despite being 4k hdmi 2.0.


I've been saving up for the card for the longest time, and it's so frustrating to not be able to use it :\



Any help would be greatly appreciated.



What I've tried:


  • Already RMA'd once.
  • Everything works fine on my previous graphics card (GTX 750 ti)
  • Uninstalled previous drivers using DDU (Uninstalled previous RX480 driver before RMA, uninstalled gtx driver, uninstalled integrated driver)
  • Installed RX480 drivers via cd and upgraded to most recent version
  • Purchased new HDMI cables. Old and new confirmed to be working.
  • Reseated card multiple times
  • Flashed mobo BIOS to most recent version
  • Windows confirmed to be running even when no display (I can login, play music, shut down without a display)
  • Tried different 6-pin cable from PSU


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