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    So, the nVidia GTX 1060...


      Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Review - Tom's Hardware


      Averaging out the percentage differences between them, GeForce GTX 1060 is about 13.5% quicker at 1920x1080 across our suite. Its advantage slips to 12.5% at 2560x1440.

      On the flip side, you do lose support for SLI. Although DirectX 12-based apps with support for multi-display adapter and linked display adapter explicit modes work with 1060 setups, linked display adapter implicit, controlled by Nvidia, is not enabled. In theory, the company could get it working over PCI Express; it simply chooses not to. That disappoints us, sure. But as developers explore new post-processing effects and asynchronous compute, the alternate frame rendering technique Nvidia used to generate its big scaling numbers is no longer universally effective. Now, more than ever, it’s better to have one fast GPU than a couple of slower ones.

      The company says it’ll sell for $290, though other 1060s in MSI's portfolio go for as little as $250. This is where the battle between Pascal and Polaris gets more interesting. But even then, for 1080p gaming, the 4GB Radeon RX 480 at $200 is tough to beat. Stay tuned as we start cranking through the third-party cards already stacking up in the lab.


      Reference edition RX 480s are in the $240 range with custom editions hitting the $250 range when they release starting Friday. They say custom GTX 1060s are going to sell for less than the Founders Edition (which is $300), so probably the $275 range, so we're probably looking at around 10% more for 10% more performance once retail markup takes effect due to demand, so pricing really isn't an issue. The big problem is power consumption, where a slower card consumes much more power despite AMD having the more advanced process. And it isn't just 10% or 20%, it's 42% higher, which means in some places means the initial price difference will quickly be realized in electrical bill savings. And this figure no doubt will grow larger with custom RX 480s with an 8 pin connector.



      Granted RX 480 is first run and GTX 1060 is third run, 42% higher power consumption is just unacceptable. We can only hope the extra 8 months or so between the Polaris 10 and Vega 10 releases means huge steps in power efficiency for the top tier Vega 10s...

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          I've read the aib 1060's will be in the $250-$275 range..


          The performance per watt of the 1060 and 1070 is impressive, I'm guessing the 1080 is the same, as well as it performs..  I havent witnessed a 1060 in person but my 1070 is impressive, it runs at 65c overclocked and undervolted 2088/2150, its by far the fastest gpu I've ever owned..


          I'm tempted to go buy Doom to run my Sapphire Nitro Fury with the Vulcan api vs the 1070 in everything else just to see whats up...


          I'm torn with amd right now. I've witnessed these new nvidia cards and the new rx480... I think amd needs to get their ducks in a row and quick, if you know what I mean.


          I think the next gpu amd needs to come out with, is one that will outperform the 1070 by about 10% and be priced about $75 less and overclock like a monster to hit close to the 1080, just for amd to flex some muscle and show they can actually compete..   The 480 by itself is not enough, unless amd is just settling with that, as far as the market goes..



          I wish I knew more about the vulcan api and microsofts plans involving, or not involving vulcan.. Thats going to be a big issue in the coming months as we're already seeing it rear its head..  I'm thinking vulcan is going to end up just like mantle/dx11 to where its going to be left to the game devs and microsoft to implement it or not..

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            impressive card indeed, power consuption and performance. However what about image quality?


            DOOM Graphics AMD vs Nvidia - 'The Way it's Meant to be Played' in 2016 - YouTube

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              As Engadget points out here: NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1060 gives you gaming power on a budget


              "So if you're looking for the most bang for your buck, the RX 480 is still your best bet. You can also add in another RX 480 down the line for even more performance, whereas NVIDIA has removed its multi-card technology (SLI) from the GTX 1060 entirely."


              "Overall, the GTX 1060 is exactly what NVIDIA needed to compete against AMD's revolutionary RX 480. But its pricing makes it a tough sell, since the 480 is a better deal and NVIDIA's own GTX 1070 isn't that much more expensive."


              Plus, AMD is the more honorable company with GPUOpen, as well as other similar things that push the industry forward in a positive way for all of us on many different OS's, and not just in NVIDIAs ecosystem. I would still stay with AMD, personally.

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                  I think his benchmark numbers are incorrect..  I dont know where he got his numbers, but the ones for the 1070 seem low.  Unless he divided them by two or left a one out or something.. I know in the 3 games I currently play, BF4, Starwars BF and Archeage I run a zotac 1070 and a 32" 1440p monitor and max the settings out. In those games and I run over 120+fps on a 32" 2560x1440p monitor.  




                  from the article

                  "And if the RX 480 doesn't cut it for you, it's probably worth saving up and getting a GTX 1070 instead of NVIDIA's budget GPU. GTX 1070 cards retail for around $379, and they'll offer significantly better performance than the GTX 1060. The 1070 also supports SLI, so you can throw in another card in a year or two as games become more demanding.   I think the 1070 is the sweet spot right now."  Nvidia didnt want to enable sli capabilities with the 1060 because it would hurt sales, thats a marketing move and I dont blame them..  Why kill future cards? Did AMD think about that or not care if they kill the sales of their higher end cards if they ever come out with higher end cards..


                  If you run 1080 and dont plan on upgrading later, then its the 1060 or rx480 around $250-$350 depending on what you get.. Currently the 480 is overpriced and there are none available unless you want to pay $300-$400 for one.. What a deal huh?  This is where amd screwed up, amd should have waited another month to release the 480 and had many more units to sell..


                  If your thinking about running 1440p, one 1070 for $369-$500 depending on which model you get, I bought a Zotac for $439 and I'm impressed with it... or you'll need two rx480, again if you can find them or are willing to pay a premium price for them, but thats puts them out of the figure for now..  Sure you can turn settings way down with the 480 and 1060 or play 1920x1080 on your 1440p monitor, but whats the point in that if you have to play with lackluster visual quality..


                  4k, the only two options to drive a 4k monitor at 60plus fps with decent settings and do it reliably right now, is two 1070's or two 1080's, which isnt very economical.. I think tThe 1070s seem to be the sweet spot in the market right now..

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                      If saving up is actually an option for someone (which for many people it isn't) then waiting to get Vega makes sense as well, because saving up takes time, and so does Vega. Plus, like I wrote before, AMD is the more honorable company in many ways (they help the whole ecosystem and not just themselves). I think it is worth voting with my heart first and foremost, and not just my frames.


                      Let's not forget the RX 490 either, which is likely right around the corner, and will also align with the time aspect of saving up as well.

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                          Thats just speculation as we know nothing of vega or the 490, which the 490 will use the vega die, chip or whatever you want to call it.


                          If the 490 ,if thats what they are calling it, is anything like the 480 its going to use a lot of power and generate quite a bit of heat and not overclock well.. much like amd's last generation. Unless AMD can come up with something else in the mean time.



                          I hope amd comes out with a 490 and it runs a little faster than the 1070 and can overclock to reach  near 1080 numbers and prices it around $350.  I wont buy an amd gpu to put in my main gaming rig until they polish their drivers and software better..