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Huge disappointment with the AMD...STILL TDR

Question asked by cnrom on Jul 19, 2016

GPU: Sapphire R9 380X Nitro 4GB

CPU: I5-6500


PSU: 550W 80 Plus Bronze

OS: Latest Windows 10.


At the beginning of Crimson version drivers update, I tried about 3 updates and all of them gave me TDR error. Therefore, I stick with the CCC 15.11.1 since it is the most stable version for me

After so many updates of the Crimson drivers, I decided to give Crimson a try but still disappointed me - After installed Crimson 16.7.2, GTA V was running well but when I ran BigNox Android Emulator, TDR showed.


I have returned the GPU for a new one twice


I have used DDU everytime before any installation of AMD drivers


I have tried reinstall Windows 10 once


I am pretty sure it is the AMD drivers issues.