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    AMD Steam In-Home Streaming Broken *please fix*


      To AMD software product support:


      Steam in-home streaming is completely broken and has been since December 2015.  You can see the steam forum post below, which is generally always at the top of their In-Home streaming forum.  I am posting this again on your forum to please fix this issue.  Myself and many other users are wanting to upgrade to your new AMD card line, but I will not if this issue is not fixed.  I am sure many 480x sales can be gained by fixing this issue.  Before the flickering started, streaming worked like a dream. 

      Even if it is on Steam's end, I think it is necessary to work with them on resolve the issue.  I would rather not jump ship to your competitor, but if this isn't fixed soon the next card I purchase will not be manufactured by AMD.


      Screen flickers while streaming :: Steam In-Home Streaming

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          I use in home streaming, since the beginning.

          My ge70 2pc apache laptop, with a gtx 850m , running on a linux/gnu distrib, is used to play games from my desktop:


          i5 4670k

          z87-plus motherboard

          2400Mhz  16gb gskill memory

          seagate 2tb sshd

          hd 7870 sapphire oc (dual x fans)


          I can't use anymore the hd 7870 for hardware encoding,

          Now i use the  i54670k igp, i enabled in uefi, just for streaming games.


             Again, I would like to be able to use AMD hardware encoder in steam.

          It happend time to time before december 2015, to have heavy flickers.

          But it was corrected when it did happen.


          After december 2015, nothing worked.

          I can't try very old amd drivers pre 2015 era with windows 10 64 bits.


          I post here just to confirm every amd users, even owners of rx480 cards,

          can't use in home streaming.


          I think Both AMD and Steam should work together, maybe it's possible to fix in home streaming one way or another.



          Currently, i have a  4/3 crt display, and i am  waiting next years, to buy a 16:9 display, in hope new technology will be available, with good vision angles, very good response time, and perfect colorimetry.


          On the market everything is fine actually, it's just i don't wanna junk yet my crt display


          It's why i disabled edid in amd control pannel, and allow my graphic card,to display 1920 x1080 for every games i play,

          so i can have a good gameplay from my laptop, with in home streaming.


          I 'm a bit sad only intel and nvidia is working actually.

          I tryed streaming from my gtx 850m with hardware encoding + software encoding, to my desktop, it's running ok.


          I think about some people having an entire amd system, and can't enable an intel igp, or people with , no igp at all,

          They have no way actually, to use in home streaming with hardware encoding.


          Software renderer, work fine, about fps loss with hardware or software encoder it does depend of the game, some running better with hardware enbcoders.



          This is why i give my little experience here.


          Thank you very much

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            I have this issue as well, since late November 2015. My card is an AMD HD7950, and I have tried every driver for the GPU update since, but no fix.


            Valve has ended up de-activating hardware encoding only for AMD GPU cards by default in their Steam client as a "workaround" for the issue. Seriously, it's the only option that is unchecked by default in the "advanced host options" window for Steam in-home streaming settings. If someone doesn't know this in advance, they might end up with the impression that their AMD card works ok with hardware accelerated encoding, but what probably happens is that their Steam client either uses software encoding or Intel Quick Synch Video (if available for their CPUs).


            Enabling hardware encoding and decoding at both ends of an Steam in-home streaming setup, with an AMD GPU on either or both ends (host or client), results in a broken stream that flickers constantly. No game is playable, this way. It's been almost 8 months that this problem persists. 

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              I have this same issue on a 7970.  In home streaming is a feature I would like to use, but after waiting 6 months for a fix for this it seems like I have no choice but to get an Nvidia card if i want to do it.  I'd really rather not do this so I can keep my current card, or upgrade to something that uses freesync.

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                I have created 2 support tickets at the Steam support site since November 2015 when the problems for AMD owners started.

                However Valve is unwilling to provide any information. I think the support staff have been told to keep quiet about this and ignore this issue. This makes some people think that the problem is because of AMD. That they are unable to make a reliable streaming experience.

                I hope AMD can shed some light on this issue and communicate with Valve on behalf of the owners of AMD graphic cards.

                Whether it is an issue created by Valve's Steam software or not, I'm thinking of switching to Nvidia graphics cards in the next months if this issue still persists.

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                  i am a 7870 user and i have the very same problem. it is not acceptable to have this issue for 6+ months so far. i've been having amd/ati cards since ati 9800pro, and now i'm going to buy an nvidia because you you haven't fixed this yet.


                  this is another reply on the matter, which is 6 months old, just to show how much AMD has been ignoring this matter:


                  In-Home streaming has had issues with AMD GPU when using hardware encoding on the host and hardware decoding on the client, since November 2015 (reported multiple times over at steam forums).


                  Basically if you want hardware encoding(host) and decoding (client) you can't use AMD hardware. Because the result is a constantly flickering stream; the video stream is interrupted by black frames every half a second or so.


                  It seamingly does not seem to matter where your AMD GPU hardware is; whether is on the host, the client or both machines. Meaning that if you have an AMD GPU on both your host and your client, or just either of those, you are going to have this black frames issue when you enable hardware encoding and/or decoding.


                  On top of that, you will probably not notice that hardware encoding DOES NOT work for you, unless you enable the "Display Statistics" option on the client, press F6 and check the info with respect to Encoding and Decoding. A while ago, Valve decided that the Steam beta (and probably the stable version too) can show "hardware encoding" enabled on the host maching in the DESKTOP mode, but this is not actually true for AMD GPUs, since in the BIG PICTURE mode, they added more options about hardware encoding on the host, and the AMD related one is BY DEFAULT DISABLED. Furthermore, as of yet, it RESETS to being disabled every time you update the Steam client. So, if you are using the Desktop Mode, then you may think that you benefit from hardware encoding, but you really do not. (To be clear, enabling the AMD GPU related option from the Big Picture mode, will give you the aforementioned black frames issue... there's no "win" scenario).


                  Keep also in mind, that if your host machine is running SteamOS or any Linux distribution, then hardware encoding does not work at all, no matter what the pertinent setting is set to.


                  Anyway, the only viable scenario for the PAST FOUR MONTHS and counting for in-home streaming is to use SOFTWARE decoding/encoding on either the host/client(respectively) or both. Personally, since my client machine is a laptop with an Intel HD GPU, I am using software encoding on the host (AMD 7950 GPU) and hardware decoding on the client.


                  So, yeah. Unless you are happy with something like that, AMD is crap for hardware accelerated in-home streaming and has been crap for months. MONTHS! I wouldn't be that bitter about it, if not for a few days ago, when a Steam beta client update broke hardware encoding for Nvidia GPUs; that issue was reported and got fixed within the span of 2 days


                  source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Steam/comments/409bcl/inhome_streaming_with_amd_how_is_it/