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R9 280X crossfire System Crash

Question asked by cashby on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by amdmatt

I have tried to use the latest AMD graphic drivers 16.7.1 on my system but anytime i try and play a game my system would just black screen and restart. This happens in GTAV i can get to the menu but as soon as i start game it crashes. I tried Lego Marvel Super Heroes and i would get a blue screen of death after the game starts up. I tried THe Division and i could actually play a mission but soon after again black screen and restart to the PC. This was after about 10 minutes of play.

I have to use the older 16.2.1 driver and all those games work perfectly.


I originally had that driver and when i used to upgrade from this one i would get a system Hang and also i would have to re-install windows 10.


Are these drivers not supporting the older R9280X cards?


im running:

Windows 10 64

Asus R9280X DC2TOP Crossfire

AMD FX 8150 4.1GHZ

16GB ram

AsRock 990FX Professional Motherboard.