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16.7 crashes my Windows into a black screen with backlight

Question asked by domdom32 on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by srs13rastus

Hello, I'm having a big problem that I think is related to the 16.7 driver and maybe the latest Windows 10 updates. The driver was working fine for a couple of days, and yesterday my screen just went Black (it stayed illuminated). I tried several things: tried clean installing the drivers with DUU, performed a system check (says some files are corrupt but it repaired them), did a system restore, a Windows reset but nothing helps. When I try to install the driver again, i get a black screen during installation. When I try to install in safe mode, I get some error saying that some drivers wont work. When I go to my Device manager, there is an exclamation sign next to my graphics card and it is showing me Error 52 - says that the drivers dont have a signature and that the system wont recognize them. Trying to turn off signature also ends up in a Black screen.