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I just installed a Radeon r7 250 and now my monitor is randomly losing signal.

Question asked by panaphobic1 on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by amdmatt

It only last a moment it just flashes black and then shows signal found and comes back on. doesn't do it in games but does it while watching hulu or youtuble or just doing anything else. i updated to the latest driver and it hasn't helped. i have a Westinghouse sk-26h735s and the card drivers recognize it. I was using a nvidia gt 240 before and had similar issues until i installed specific drivers to support this monitor. but i can't find any on the AMD driver list. it's completely random i've only had installed a couple days but it's gone a few hours on World of Warcraft without issue and it's done it 3 times in 10 minutes while on Facebook. but then like now it's been about 30 minutes and it seems fine. not sure if i need to change the driver set or if there is some setting that I'm missing.