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Need Chipset advise...Just recently upgraded to a new SSD. Since that installation I cannot get my Asus DRW to work is recognized by the system and says it is working fine but it will not READ the cd's.

Question asked by artlover on Jul 18, 2016

The installation and cloning seemed to go perfectly..After some chatting with both Crucial and Asus, it was pointed out that just maybe a chipset update would take care of the issue. I have read all the info but am not comfortable with downloading the chipset that i am looking at until I know for sure so would appreciate input from more knowledgeable people on this since I am not well versed YET ;-)

Operating system (old but still working well) at least from my perspective. I do not do gaming but a lot of photography editing programs and since I upgraded the ram to 16 GB gaming chips plus this new ssd , I now have the speed I had wanted.

Operating System

    Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1


    AMD A8-3870    35 °C

    Llano 32nm Technology


    16.0GB DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)


    MSI A75MA-P35 (MS-7697) (P0)    63 °C


    193P+ (1280x1024@60Hz)

    512MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 6550D (MSI)    38 °C


    931GB Crucial_ CT1024MX200SSD1 SATA Disk Device (SSD)    33 °C

    1863GB Seagate Backup+ Desk USB Device (USB (SATA))    46 °C

Optical Drives

    ASUS DRW-24B1ST j SATA CdRom Device


    Realtek High Definition Audio