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Is 4K@60Hz over HDMI2.0 under Linux possible?

Question asked by ownaginatious on Jul 17, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by ghent360

So I recently bought an Nvidia 960 GTX video card (the most basic Nvidia model with HDMI 2.0) to drive a Vizio D40-D1 4K 60 Hz TV. While it works as expected under Windows, it can't go past 30 Hz under Linux no matter what I do. Same with the nouveau driver. It seems like a lot of people have been having the same issues on their forums for a couple years now without any sort of resolution in sight.


In light of that, I've been considering switching to an AMD card if 4K@60Hz over HDMI2.0 is working under Linux.


Can anyone confirm if this works or not?