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AMD Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered

Question asked by kaptaint on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by kaptaint

So for a few months now I have been running into this problem. This problem only occurs in a few games which has made it difficult for me to understand how I can fix it. The issue occurs when I play both Payday 2, Payday: The heist and occasionally in Farming Sim 15(but not often). I will launch the game and after about ten minutes it will freeze for a few seconds. After this, the game will either crash, or it will continue as if nothing happened. I struggle to understand exactly why it happens in these few games because I play a lot of other games where it has never occurred such as Far Cry 4/3, Battlefield 3(although it happened once in the single player). It seems strange that these more demanding games are no problem yet an old, and graphically outdated game such as Payday still causes this issue on a daily basis. I have tried all the known fixes such as using DDU and installing all the latest drivers yet I still have this issue.

PC Specs:


OS Windows 10 64bit

R9 270X

Ga 970A UD3P Motherboard

FX 8320 @4ghz 

8GB Crucial Sport Ram

Western Digital Black 1TB



Issue still occurs will all components at stock settings.