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RX 480 Problems, Need Help

Question asked by conqueror on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by conqueror

Hello, i bought my RX480 yesterday and currently i'm facing annoying problems....


Lets start that in gaming it's working proper so far. I will list my problem below and maybe someone can help me with:


1, Green Screen!?? When i powerup my PC it runs normal, but when i reboot the starting screen turns green instead of black, and windows starting screen too, and after that it returns to normal

* I converted VGA to HDMI so i can connect my  23" monitor, i don't know if this might be the problem, if it is please tell


2. After every game i play i go to check Wattman and then AMD settings crashes, i've to start it again. It doesn't crash if i don't play games

* I didn't overclock my GPU yet, evrything runs at 2000mhz memory and  max of 1266mhz CPU the default settings, i just chenged Fan and tempratures range in Wattman


My PC i decent, everything is fine and new including the PSU

CPU: i5 6500

GPU: RX480

PSU: 500w

Memory: 16GB DDR3 1866MHZ