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    RX 480 Problems, Need Help


      Hello, i bought my RX480 yesterday and currently i'm facing annoying problems....


      Lets start that in gaming it's working proper so far. I will list my problem below and maybe someone can help me with:


      1, Green Screen!?? When i powerup my PC it runs normal, but when i reboot the starting screen turns green instead of black, and windows starting screen too, and after that it returns to normal

      * I converted VGA to HDMI so i can connect my  23" monitor, i don't know if this might be the problem, if it is please tell


      2. After every game i play i go to check Wattman and then AMD settings crashes, i've to start it again. It doesn't crash if i don't play games

      * I didn't overclock my GPU yet, evrything runs at 2000mhz memory and  max of 1266mhz CPU the default settings, i just chenged Fan and tempratures range in Wattman


      My PC i decent, everything is fine and new including the PSU

      CPU: i5 6500

      GPU: RX480

      PSU: 500w

      Memory: 16GB DDR3 1866MHZ

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          Hope you are enjoying your new 480.


          1. This will be a compatibility issue with the adapter you are using, VGA is not natively supported on the 480.


          2. This is a known issue which is under investigation. We hope to address it in a future Crimson driver, apologies for any inconvenience caused.


          I have experienced the Wattman crashing myself, and i would recommend making a shortcut to Radeon Settings and pinning it to your Taskbar. If it crashes, click the shortcut and within two seconds Radeon Settings will launch and Wattman will work again.

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              Yup, to be honest, this is the first time i buy Radeon graphics card, been using Nvadia since 9 years ago, i'm really enjoying this RX480, very satisfied with gaming, and i hope the next drivers will make it better!.

              So it's my adepter making this wierd green screen and other things, then i will buy a new monitor as soon as i can.


              When Radeon setting crashes it's just right click on desktop>Radeon settings i hope it will be fixed soon

              I've final question, as i mentioned that i've changed the fan speed and tamparatures range in Wattman, does this consume more power? or affect by any negative mean ?

              To keep my gpu cooler i changed fan range from 1500-2500 rpm and Temps frpm 70-85 and it's barely reaching 80c max now

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                  Glad to hear it.


                  If you are upgrading your monitor make sure you buy a FreeSync display, it will be one of the best investments for silky smooth gaming you could ever make. We have a list of FreeSync panels here: FreeSync™ Technology | AMD


                  What resolution are you using at the moment?


                  No it should not affect power by any noticeable margin. If you want the best possible performance, i would use these settings in Wattman.


                  If you like to tweak, you could try lowering the Voltage, it will reduce temperatures and allow the fan to operate at a lower speed naturally. If you are running stock clocks, you should be able to decrease the Voltage without any harm to stability. As an example, my card uses a default voltage of 1137, and i am able to lower it to 1050.


                  If you do decide to try lowering the voltage, decrease it in -0025 increments and stop once you experience any signs of instability. Here are the settings I used below.

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                      I see, Thanks

                      I've almost the same settings except voltage it's on default

                      Same fan range, but Temperatures from 70-85

                      But the power limit% is still 0,, do i have to make it 50?




                      I'm using 1080p atm, can't change it higher because of the adepter, max supported 1080p unfortunately

                      I just changed power limit % to 50 as u posted above, seems i've more fps but i don't know how, can you explain this to me? i'm damn newbie with Radeon o.o    Very interesting driver and application with AMD.