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    Compile OpenCL code using command line



      I am trying to compile an OpenCL code in command prompt(windows).

      Basically, I want to compile a simple C++ code(using cl.exe compiler) which in itself will compile another .cl kernel file (as it happens in OpenCL). So how should I compile this code and how to include the opencl libraries and everything.

      I am a newbie in this field, so please correct me if I am wrong at some point.

      Thanks in advance.



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          Hi Shailesh,

          Hope, you've already installed the AMD APP SDK and compatible driver on your system. Otherwise, please install the packages using below links:

          AMD APP SDK ->  app-sdk

          Driver -> Download Drivers


          To build and run OpenCL project, please refer the section ''Building and Running OpenCL Programs" in  AMD Programming User Guide (/AMD_OpenCL_Programming_User_Guide2.pdf ) which shows how to build an OpenCL program using Visual Studio on Windows. Though I've not used the cl.exe myself to develop an OpenCL project, I hope, you can figure out the cl.exe command-line options to achieve the same if you are already familiar with the cl.exe.