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Which driver(s) should I install for my laptop with hybrid AMD graphics?

Question asked by twtduck on Jul 18, 2016
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I got a new Acer E5-553G-1986 and, as I always do, dropped a fresh install of Windows 10 on it. This laptop features hybrid graphics, using both an integrated Carrizo chipset and an AMD R8 M445 DX. However, since I installed the graphics driver for this model, it (the driver) seems to crash frequently. I believe it happens when the system tries taking advantage of the discrete card, but can't tell for sure. Attached is information from some of the different tabs in the Radeon Settings software, which may help find the problem.


I'm a little suspicious about how the R8 M445 DX is registering as the R7 M340, but I read online that it may be the same chipset, just a different name. Is the driver I'm using the right one for the laptop? If so, what is causing the driver to crash, and how do I solve the problem? If not, which driver should I install, and from where? Should I install more than one driver? (If you can't tell, I'm pretty new to hybrid graphics, so I apologize if any of these questions seem dumb)


Feel free to let me know if you need more information, and I'll do my best to find it. Thanks for whatever help you can give.