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hdmi audio "breaks" driver randomly

Question asked by gaiden on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by gaiden

1st: Problem is present in the 3-4 latest crimsom releases and not before.


I have a DVI connected monitor and a LG LCD TV hdmi connected.


With a fresh and clean driver install, everithing is working fine..I can select my main speakers output or my tv/hdmi sound output and all works great... but then a can be 2-3-5 days, when I try to change audio output to tv, windows takes long to show me the audio output selection window...I can select hdmi output but audio is not working, and video (tested with VLC, WMP) is choppy, with grey squares/ a corrupted video...Netflix App crashes too when I try to play anything under this situation. Windows audio do not work also, I have no sound at all. If a return to my main audio speakers everything works fine again. Monitorized system resources shows normal cpu usage etc...

This occurs even without system restarting...I can be watching a movie with hdmi audio enabled..then return to pc audio...and an hour later I try to change audio again and problem occurs.


Only fix is to uninstall driver with DDU and installing it again...but problem returns always after a day, or 5, is random.


Powercolor R9 390X Devil hybrid

I7 4790K


W10 64 bits