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Underperformance after forced restart

Question asked by millerdalite on Jul 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by millerdalite

SO I was playing Doom when it effectively froze. I could only see my mouse and I couldn't alt tab out of the window or even bring up task manager or CTRL ALT DEL out of it. So I tried hitting some other thing on my keyboard and put it to sleep which actually seemed to do something but when I hit the power button to bring my computer back up the screen was all white. Then I just held the power button to force a shut down.

After that I've been getting sub 30 fps in Doom and Overwatch unless my camera is shoved in a wall and changing the settings does nothing for either of those games

I've tried reseeding both the cards and RAM, a system restore, updating the drivers, putting the card in a different port, changing power setting



Graphics Card Manufacturer - Powered by AMD

Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeon R9 270X

Bus Type - PCI Express 3.0

Current Bus Settings - PCI Express 2.0 x8

BIOS Version -

BIOS Date - 2013/11/26 06:57

Memory Size - 4096 MB

Memory Type - GDDR5

Memory Clock - 1400 MHz

Core Clock - 1100 MHz

Total Memory Bandwidth - 179 GByte/s