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    code 43 - win7 - radeon hd 4600(agp)


      hi, the drivers for my radeon hd 4600(agp) dont work in win7, im able to install the XP drivers manually or automatically, but the win7 drivers wont get accepted, if i force the win7 drivers to install i get a code 43 in device manager after restart, also the hd4600 does work in winXP on both listed systems.


      link to win7 driver i used which should work.



      mainboard - K8T Neo2 (MS6702E)

      cpu            - athlon 64 processor 3000+

      os              - win7 home 64 bit - SP1


      other system i tried(32bit - i used the 32bit driver here) - this one was an oem system so i changed to the other one:

      mainboard - Medion MD5000 (MSI ms-6701)

      cpu            - pentium 4 32 bit

      os              - win7 home 32 bit - SP1


      its the same in both configurations, i also tried a nvidia geforce 6600 on both systems, it works without broblems, buut since it has a really small memory i cant use it as an alternative. sry for my bad english, if someone does understand german, i described what i did so far here moe detailled.


      link to thread in german forum, since intextlinking external sources doesnt seem to work:

      [Grafikkarten] dieses gerät wurde angehalten weil es einen fehler gemeldet hat(code 43) - CHIP