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Crimson update completely disabled my AMD graphics chip.

Question asked by bradozman on Jul 17, 2016

So I AMD settings said there was an update thismorning and I told it to do the upgrade.

Installation took place with no erros and a restart was required.

After booting back into win 7 my resolution was low.

I click on AMD settings in system tray and it says 'no settings available try again after connecting AMD graphics'.

Its a Toshiba laptop with intell HD 4000 and a R9 265X.

Been pretty disappointed with AMD of late. Ever since this crimson edition bs I have had problems on both my desktop and my laptop and this is the last straw. AMD used to be so dam reliable and now I am defiantly switching to Nvidia in future.

I specifically chose this laptop for the AMD gfx.

Because I chose to update I have now wasted about 3 hours of my work time trying to fix my laptop.

I finally seem to have it working again after completely removing all traces of AMD software and downloading a fresh driver from the AMD website. But this is just unacceptable. If I had 'update automatically' enabled then this would have happened and I may not have realized it was related to AMD drivers at all.


Just can not trust AMD anymore and this is only 1 of many issues arising form the crimson edition drivers and not just on my latop with duel chipsets but also with my desktop PC.

AMD has just lost a fanboy. Not going around telling everyone to buy AMD anymore.