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    Triple Monitor Issue 3x ASUS VC239H (DVI, HDMI, VGA) monitors with AMD Radeon Sapphire R9 270x 4GB (DVI, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort)



      If I connect two monitors to the graphics card via DVI to DVI one of the monitors doesn't turn on. It's not a broken port or broken cable as I've tried them individually and they work fine.


      According to http://support.amd.com/en-us/search/faq/170 I should be able to connect all 3 monitors how I have it setup because all 3 monitors are the same, they're all 1920x1080 which isn't excessive in terms of resolution so that can't be the issue.


      When I connect or disconnect the DVI cable Windows makes the "da ding" noise to tell me that a device has been connected/disconnected but nothing happens because of it. You can see the detection state: http://i.imgur.com/6300DDX.png


      Current Setup:

      • DVI-D (Single Link) to DVI-I (Dual Link) (Monitor 1, working)
      • HDMI to HDMI (Monitor 2, working)
      • DVI-D (Single Link) to DVI-I (Dual Link) (Monitor 3, not working)


      AMD Radeon R9 270x 4GB Ports:

      • 2x DVI-Dual Link
      • 1x HDMI
      • 1x DisplayPort


      ASUS VC239H Monitors:

      • 1x DVI-D Ports
      • 1x HDMI
      • 1x VGA


      I'm sure this should be able to be done, but if not...I know I should avoid using VGA to DisplayPort (I have an Active Adaptor from my old monitors) that never had HDMI or DVI ports


      What would be the best adaptor to use:

      • DVI to DisplayPort DVI (Monitor Side) to DisplayPort (GPU Side)
      • HDMI (Monitor Side) to DisplayPort (GPU Side)


      I would assume HDMI to DisplayPort would be the best one to pick, but I'm not 100% sure and what about the adapter being active or passive? Is there any need for an active adaptor, if so what would be the benefits?