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RX 480    2048 vs. 2304 vs. 2560

Question asked by tbnoy on Jul 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2016 by bridgman

Hello, I´m not ingeneer of IT or something like that, so please take my questions with reserve.


I´ve would like to ask why has RX 480 2304 shader units??? I mean RX 480 is very powerful right now, but  doesn´t it will be more powerful with 2560 shadr units. My point is, why AMD decided to use 2304 shader units instead of 2048 (like in R9 280X and 380X). Of course it ment increase of power consumption, but not about much. (I dont know how much, but when I saw test between 1070 and 1080 there is about 20% in power consuption, sure it is something different but still) Also you need better power supply , so you need 8 pin instead of 6 pin. And this is another questions why AMD used 6 pin??? I mean yes the card works with that very well, but there is no room for OC. I wanted to buy the card, with that idea, that later I will get some better cooler, but in this case it´s not very useable. So I must ask to myself if they did the card in this way becouse if they used 2560 SU. So it ment that they need better cooler and power supply. So the price would by be higher and the value for AMD wouldn´t so atrctive?


Please don´t take this like some injury on AMD or something like that. I´m using R9 280X and I support AMD very much. But I would like to just know, why AMD decided to make the card in this way.


Thank you very much.