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    Custom resolutions partially not showing in windows screen resolution.




      I have a problem with custom resolutions, they are not all showing in windows screen resolution to choose.


      First of all details


      Radeon - 16.6.1


      AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

      Windows 8.1 (64 bit)

      12 GB

      i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz


      Now i like to play in ultra wide resolutions on tv (it also ads 20% performance boost), so i'm adding them as customs, normally i have duplicate mode with my 1080p tv, pc monitor is 16:10, tv 16:9, but tv can handle any res cuz it can scale any res maintaining aspect ratio.


      As you know you cant set customs when duplicate mode is enabled, but i just set them in monitor only mode, then make duplicate and then i can just use them from game options to work good with tv.


      This are my customs




      Most are 21:9 or 2.66:1 (Cinemascope). There are also lower, like 1400x600 (21:9) not visible on this screen.


      Now in duplicate mode of course i can only use the ones that are the same or lower than my tv max res of 1080p, that is, 3840x800 will not show, but it is ok. (it was only to test if it would show up in windows screen resolution, and it shows)


      But this is how the windows screen resolution looks in duplicate mode



      As you can see i can choose 1920x822 which is a custom 21:9, but i can't see any other of the customs, 1600x686,  1400x600, 1604x600 (just for check if it has something to do with being another 1600) There are also a 1920x720 for tv only, works, but wont show in duplicate mode. (i want duplicate cuz i don't want to switch mode very time i want to play a game, and need to lower the res also for performance)


      Yet the first time I was adding them, monitor was switched to every of that resolutions and working, i was even able see them in windows screen resolution, but as soon i'm back to the default of  monitor 1400x900, they are gone, still in amd panel, but not in windows screen resolutions and if not they can't be also selected in game (the division with excellent ultra wide support).


      And it doesn't matter if it is monitor only or duplicate mode, the custom 1920x822 always show, i can remove it, add it again, and it will be there, i can do the same (and done) with the rest of customs and they wont show after initial success and no way to select in game.


      Don't know what to do and why it is not showing despite all res are working initially.


      I remember it was working some day, but i had a brake, now i'm back, maybe updated the driver, don't remember, now it bothers me for a month like so and decided to ask cuz nothing is working, restarts, reinstalls or internet tips and tricks etc.


      Any clue?