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    Radeon Settings are currently not available, why?


      I have an AMD Radeon R7 200 Series with 2GB of memory, that's all the info I know about it. 


      Windows 7 Home Edition 64 bit

      8GB RAM

      AMD Phenom II X6 Processor 3.30 GHz


      My device manager says that the video card is working properly, but I have to run all my games on the lowest settings.


      I was trying to see if my video card has poor reviews, but I can't find out exactly what the model is because I can't get into the Radeon Settings.  I get the error message: "Radeon Settings are currently not available.  Please try again after connecting AMD graphics."

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          Since no one replied and the support ticket I created still hasn't been replied to after 4 days, I decided to ask my uncle who works in computer repairs what to do.


          In case anyone finds this thread in the future and needs answers I thought that I would do what no one else here was willing to and provide a solution for this problem.


          Step 1:  Find out if your driver is out of date.

          1.  Type "dxdiag" in the search bar in your start menu.  Open the program "dxdiag"

          2.  Click "save all information", which creates a .txt document

          3.  Scroll down and find "Driver Version", check to see what the number is

          4.  Go to AMD's website, in the driver software section, to see what version is the latest driver for your graphics card.

          5.  If your version doesn't match, go on to Step 2.  If it does match then I don't know what is wrong with your system.


          Step 2:  Manually update driver.

          1.  Your system isn't installing the latest driver for some reason, you'll need to manually do it instead of letting the automatic update take care of it.

          2.  Download the latest driver from AMD's website, make sure you know where the file is (probably in your "Downloads" folder)

          2.  Type "device manager" into your search bar in the start menu and open the Device Manager.

          3.  Expand "Display adapters" and double click on your graphics card.

          4.  Go to the drivers tab, and click "Uninstall".

          5.  Restart your computer, find the file for the most recent driver you downloaded in Step 2-2, and execute the file.

          6.  Restart your computer and run dxdiag again.  Your driver version should now match the one you downloaded.




          EDIT:  I can't mark this as "Solved" because the website is giving me a system error message.  I'll try again later I guess.