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Missing 4 DLL files after running AMD Clean Uninstall Utility

Question asked by tolepia on Jul 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2016 by waltc

Hey! I was forced to use AMD Clean Uninstall Utility because I had some problems with my AMD Drivers (I have a Radeon R7 M360). I ran the utility in safe mode (Windows 10 64-bit), it was completed successfully, I booted back to normal Windows and uninstalled the newest AMD drivers (16.7.2 if I remember correctly). However, the utility apparently also deleted following .dll files which messed my system up. How do I get these back? I tried sfc /scannow and ran CMD as admin and tried regsvr32 dllnamehere.dll, nothing worked.


The following files are missing, and AMD settings cannot be accessed:







I am lost. What to do?