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    Flashing horizontal lines - AMD Radeon HD 8570D Graphics


      AMD Gurus:  There’s a problem I’ve not been able to acceptably fix – flashing horizontal lines in the display using AMD Radeon HD 8570D Graphics. Here’s a video showing the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PJS6v76KD8.  The lines jiggle and move around when the mouse is moved.  I found a couple of other postings on this problem, but no answers or solutions.  So I’ll try again.


      The details: Everything was fine until the computer was updated to Windows 10.  Going back to Windows 8 is not an option.  This is an HP Pavilion 500-164 desktop PC - AMD A8-6500 APU w/Radeon HD 8570D Graphics @3.5 GHz; RAM: 8 GB; 2 TB HD


      What *didn’t* fix the problem:

      Trying different monitors

      Using either a VGA or (true) DVI connection

      Different cables

      Different resolutions

      Different DPI (Windows scaling)

      Cleartype on or off

      Different RAM

      Updated BIOS, currently at v2.15.1234

      Secure boot on or off, legacy support on or off

      Built-in Wifi on or off

      Every version of the AMD video driver / Catalyst I’ve been able to find. Currently at v15.301.1901.0 (2/26/2016) with “Radion” (was Catalyst?)  16.2.1

      Uninstalling / reinstalling the AMD driver(s)

      AMD Video Quality enhancements, on or off no difference

      General driver updates of everything else (Chipset, Audio, USB, etc. with IOBit’s Driverbooster.)

      Enable/disable GPU upscaling.  Monitor is at its native resolution, have tried different monitors at different native resolutions but problem persists.

      Multiple displays (although problem is only on one monitor when dual output, and it moves around!)   With a single display lines are always present.

      Cleaning temp files or registry cleaning.  (Ccleaner)

      I see effects of this problem on all Windows 10 screens:  lock, login, ‘Tablet Mode’ and desktop.  About the only screen not effected is the “Please Wait” with the circling dots.


      Original HP video driver will not install, “Wrong Windows Version.”  Understandable as it is for Windows 8; no combinations of compatibility settings would allow it to install.


      One action fixes the problem but has unacceptable side effects:  *Dis*abling the Radeon HD 8570D Graphics card and falling back to the Microsoft Basic VGA driver.  Problems with that solution are:  more than 25% loss in graphics performance, blocks the sleep function for computer, and periodic alerts that the device is disabled. 


      The AMD driver can be uninstalled, but Windows 10 automatic updates keep bringing it back.  (it auto installs v15.201.1151.1008 (11/4/2015).  With jiggling lines.  :-(  Downloaded the beta “Crimson” driver (v16.3.2) and installed all.  No effect, still jiggling.


      Still unresolved as of this upload.  I'm stumped. Anyone have any other ideas to try?


      May be an HP problem, not AMD: I tried to install a separate PCI16 video card but I cannot get any output from it.  The BIOS/UEFI has no setting for selecting primary video. I had to turn off disable protection for the PCI16 slot in UEFI just to get it to boot – but still nothing output. Device manager does not show the secondary card.  What do I need to do to use discrete graphics?