No option to install AMD Display Driver

Discussion created by neverbuyamd on Jul 16, 2016
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AMD Drivers work like crap for severall months.

So did today, when I encountered a bug.

Noticed there's an updated, tried to update.

While uninstalling the current version, screen got pixelated, and image duplicated itself 4 times (never in my life I saw this thing).

Restarted PC, wanted to install again, only option in installer is AMD Install Manager.

Did registry cleaning with tools, ran AMD Clean Uninstall utility or what that crap is called.

Tried installing again, same thing, only option in installer is AMD Install Manager, same with older driver versions.


ALSO, after I do install AMD Install Manager, when I go to Uninstall/Change it it sais No current components are installed, or something like that, then it dissapears from the programs list.

Oh and just as a side note, my desktop graphics card (AMD HD 5750) just died 2 weeks ago.


Windows 7 x64 (up to date)

AMD HD 8850M


Update: I don't know what else to do, I'll just reinstall the windows and this will be the last time I buy an AMD card or system with AMD card, also will make sure everyone who wants to buy a video card knows what to expect of AMD. #amdneveragain