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Firepro W7100 and Intel HD

Question asked by atmidn on Jul 16, 2016
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I would like to get some help to get the Firepro W7100 graphics card working in my computer. It is a Dell Precision box with i7 cpu.

It is a workstation and I want the graphics card to work on full performance at all times and have no need for power saving.

There is on-board Intel HD graphics (HD530 I think) on the MB with a hdmi port, but I am connecting to the Firepro.

The main problem right now is that I am not able to set the full resolution on the monitor which is 2560X1600. I could see it in options but cannot set it.

It seems to me that Intel and AMD drivers are not working well together. I don't really have any need for the Intel driver or the on-board graphics.


What can I do to use only the AMD driver?

I have tried disabling the Intel adapter under Device Manager, but no success.

Do I need to uninstall the Intel driver and how? I have tried once, but it did not want to go away easily and I had to reinstall it.

I have Auto, Intel and AMD options under video in the Bios. I tried choosing AMD there and no success.


What software do I use to control the Firepro card? Firepro Control Center or Catalyst?

Can I and should I try setting the switchable graphics in the control center?


Thank you.