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When will VSR be fixed in current Crimson releases?

Question asked by justsomeanonguy on Jul 15, 2016

A user named @AMDMatt was participating in the thread Virtual Super Resolution (VSR) NOT WORKING!!! saying that he'd get back with people once he had heard something, however that thread seems to be defunct as of late with no new news on it being fixed. I'm still running 16.2, which was the last Crimson release VSR was working with my TV. As of the 7/9 drivers, VSR is still non-functional. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but since it's release I've been using VSR and it looks great on my 37 inch 1080p native flat panel at 1440p, and it's much less performance intensive than many game's internal MSAA, and I dare say it looks better. Especially over the smearing that FXAA provides.


I'm not sure what switch the engineers flipped in the current driver revisions, but why can't it simply be switched back? What was the issue with leaving it as it was? What broke? What is life? I don't ask for much nor do I post on forums to complain, much less even participate. However, it's been almost six months now since it stopped working and the drivers have come along a bit since then. Can we please get a fix, or at least an update on the situation?