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W1900 performance much lower than expected

Question asked by sazv on Jul 15, 2016

I just acquired 2 w9100s.  The use case for them is a double precision OpenCL application for finding large prime numbers.  These were to replace 7990s, which were executing tasks at approximately 1.8% per hour per core.  Each core should have 1/3 or less the double-precision performance of a w9100, yet the w9100 only processes tasks at 1.05% per hour, or 41% worse performance.  I have tweaked every setting I could find.  Using 15.301.2601 on Windows 10/64-bit.  They are not overheating, and they are staying at 930mhz/1250mhz core/memory.  Running the application pegs utilization at 100%


Anyone have any suggestions for things I can tweak/check/etc?