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AMD display driver crashes in World Of Tanks

Question asked by khayman7 on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by ryz

I am consistently getting the AMD display driver stopped responding error on Sacred Valley. It is also happening on Ensk, and Abby.


I have a clean install of AMD 16.7.2 driver and World of Tanks. I uninstalled AMD driver in safe mode, cleaned, etc...installed new driver and Uninstalled WOT, cleaned, and reinstalled. The error persists.


This error has not happened in any other game/software.


Current system (new build just on the 3rd)

Windows 10 64 bit

intel i5 6600k (stock speed, never been OC'd)

RX-480 (stock speed, never been OC'd, but I did turn up fan speeds and lower temps at which they turn on in case overheating was the problem).

16gb Corsair Vengence 3200

700 watt PS

gigabyte 170xp sli (latest bios)