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i have a x8dth-if and i know i can do crossfire on it,what would be the best card's for such?

Question asked by jrock47 on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by jrock47

xeon e5620 (moving to x5687) (DUAL PROCESSOR SYSTEM!!!!)
24gb DDR3 ram (6x4)

850wTT 80+ Bronze tpsu for gfx (6/8pin used only)
600w delta electronics dual cpu-8pin psu for rest of system
ssd vertex 450(128g) for boot
ssd 840 evo 120gb games

hdd 500gb hitachi 7.2k for games+recordings
hdd 2tb seagate 7.2k for backup+video archive+games

I have SEVEN pcie x16 ports. (2.0,electrically x8) and 72 pcie lanes total.
x8dth-if supermicro motherboard

I have a 450CFM exhuast fan and as such i am entirely not worried about temps - purely performance.

200cfm intake fan