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Cannot find case brackets

Question asked by cfehringer on Jul 14, 2016
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I purchased 2 W4100 Firepros a couple months ago.  I did not know that they were only coming with the low profile mounting brackets.  We need the standard full tower mounting brackets.  I contacted AMD directly and they said to contact Sapphire.  I contacted Sapphire and they told me to contact AMD.  I contacted AMD and they said sorry we cant help you.  What !?  They said maybe to contact a reseller or something, but sorry we (AMD) doesnt care about my problem.


I have purchased a half dozen Firepro cards for my office in the past.  This is my first customer service issue, and wow, I hope I never have another one.


I now have 2 high end custom built computers with the pci slot about to break off the motherboard, because they do not have a two cent bracket.  I looked everywhere on Google / Amazon / eBay for spares.  Nothing.


What am I going to do, make these brackets?  Buy new cards?  Super poor customer service.