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    Windows 10 problem.


      Okay so i've tried everything to solve it and i did at one point but i had to reinstall my windows and i cannot do it again.

      So basically i have a 8 year old pc which has ATI radeon hd 3600 and i have windows 10 so i can't find a legacy download for it because windows 10 doesn't support 3600.


      Few days ago i don't remember if i instaled ATI Radeon HD 3600 for Win 8 or Win 7 but the Catalyst control center actually was fully functioning with all options available.
      And now when i want to install either of those two it doesn't even let me open the Catalyst control center.


      Can i get some help?

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          Since the HD3600 does not meet Windows 10 hardware requirements, there are no drivers available from AMD.


          You will need to rely on Windows Update to obtain limited support for your product.

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