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AMD A8-4500M underclocking only while gaming

Question asked by feleon2 on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2016 by feleon2

Hello to all AMD users. I have a big problem. My processor is downclocking itself while gaming.

I tried to set the power plan to high performance, update all the drivers, but the problem persists. I don't have much settings in bios to disable Cool'n'Quiet or anything of these.

Some people told me to play the games on battery, but the processor still downclocks. What can I do to solve this? This start happening 2 weeks ago, I didn't have this problem before.

I reinstalled my Windows and the problem is still here. In idle mode, the CPU usage it at 2-3%, but while gaming, after 10 minutes it goes to 100%. The temp are fine so it shouldn't downclock.

I am using a Lenovo g505s, can you help me, please? I am desperate, I can't play anything. The stock frequency is 1,9Ghz, but using AMD Turbo Core it goes to 2,3Ghz in idle. The

processor is downclocking only in gaming, and it goes to 1,8Ghz, even under the stock frequency. The throttling procedure starts only when I play any game. If the temperature of the processor is getting higher while browsing, the processor stays at 2,3 or even 2,8 GHZ even if the thermal margin is on -10C or -15C. What can I do? I read some Lenovo forums and they told me to update the BIOS to 3.00 but it is already updated. If the processor is to hot, it should downclocks even when I am watching YouTube or playing browser games, but no, it is happening only when I start any game so the temperature is not a problem. I am using 2 heavy coolers under my laptop, I cleaned all the vents and even modified my laptop case for more air and still nothing.. Any ideas?