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New to AMD. Asking some questions.

Question asked by zukesers on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by hardcoregames™

Hello AMD forums! I've been a Nvidia user for my entire time of being a PC builder/gamer. I have used only a few AMD products (The Radeon 7850 and the Radeon 6450 (For my grandma.)).


I'm tired of Nvidia not doing any of the following:

1: Not lowering the prices of last generation GPU's until a year later, and the price changes are minor. ($50 - $100 markoff's most commonly.) ($200 if you're lucky)

2: Nvidia not having community driven or Open-Source projects. (Or just being like a 8 year old not knowing how to share and make everything better for everyone)

3: Used prices are the same price as buying the same graphics card new. (Only when its a generation or two behind they will get cheaper.)

4: Lagging behind in newer technology. (Such as DirectX 12 or having more then 4GB of VRAM.)


I've heard that most If not all, of AMD's products (Except for CPU's till Zen comes out. )) fixed these problems and have had them for a while now. Vega and supporting Mid-range cards have been some of the biggest reasons for me switching.


The AMD community sound's better then Nvidia's community of some people always stating Nvidia is the "CLEAR WINNER" though Nvidia is pissed off because of the Vulkan Api being better on AMD then Nvidia.


So here are the questions:


1. I play games that are mainly Nvidia supported. They have some Nvidia features in some of the games. (Witcher 3 , For instance.) Will i expect a FPS drop? (Not really any of my worries as i'll be getting AMD )


2. What card would be best if i want to use my 650W Coirsair RM-650x Power Supply (Since a 390x wouldn't be the best for it.)  Fury (Non-X), R9 390, or RX 480?


3. How good is AMD for editing purposes?


4. How hot are the AMD cards? (Reference and/or non-reference) I've heard that the RX 480 was hot.


That's all. I hope this will be a great experience!