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    World of warcraft not detected


      Using the AMD Gaming Evolved icon, I scan for games.  It finds Star Wars Battlefront and Overwatch.  It does not find World of Warcraft.  With the exception of adding it manually, is there any way to have the software find the game?

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          You would need to contact the app developers to see why it isn't being detected.

          Support : Raptr Support

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              Ok thanks.  I thought the profiles were made by AMD. 

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                WoW and Raptr don't play well, however you can get them to work for a bit and because of it folder structure it won't be detected Automatically (too many Launchers aka it has the Battle.net launcher, and WoW Launcher). You will need to manually Add WoW to your games list, and navigate to the folder containing WoW and Add the 64 bit and 32 bit version of the Game, then it will show up. You may still need to run the game a few times while Raptr is running for it give you profile options and optimize settings but after that it should let you optimize it.


                Another trick I found on my AMD systems that have worked over the years is if you have a shortcut on your Desktop or Task Bar ( WoW 64 bit or 32 bit Game not the Launcher) Raptr will see it through the short cuts and add it Automatically.


                It is known that WoW has issues with any other game overlay such as the one Raptr uses!