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    Hello everybody


      Hello everybody


      Purchase France in December 2015

      AMD FX 6300 BLACK EDITION 3.5 Ghz OVERCLOCK 4.1Ghz

      970 Pro3 R2.0 ASROCK

      8GB DDR3 1600

      SAPPHIRE R9 270X Dual-X 2GB GDDR5 edition OVERCLOCK

      Windows 10 FAMILLY


      Software RADEON 16.3.2,,


      Problems I have two first its been 15 days since AMD sends me Beta16.7.1 driver when I was updating the driver does not come I stay on the 16.3.2 vertion! I went to see thevertion driver is configured to map 480 suddenly I not understand why AMD hascontinuously send it to me ???


      Small precision with New software RADEON I still keep mem former AMD Catalyst Control Center


      Second of problems then I install Windows 10 Familly the AMD Gaming softwareEvovlved

      Automatic driver updates are not (over) supported for your graphics card ???


      Thank you for your comments or solution for it would be good.


      Is the lively communoté AMD,


      Sorry (I am sorry translated by Google ),:(


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          I'm not sure i fully understand your problem, but the 270X is support on Crimson 16.7.2.


          You can disable update notifications from the AMD Gaming Evolved APP by navigating to settings and disabling check for updates. Ignore any messages from the APP about driver updates, as it is a little buggy.

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              Good evening thank you for being arrested on my question

              To help you explain the software (AMD Radeon Settings)

              receives regularly until the driver is no problem except for the driver 16.7.2 or installcorrectly notes except that when I restart the driver does not know install it remains on the16.3.2 driver ????


              2nd question for AMD Gaming Evolved


              Well instalation of Windows 10

              automatic driver updates its not supported for your graphics card ??




              or how do I enable thank you2016-07-21_17-36-29.jpg

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                  Not sure if i understand correctly...


                  Radeon Settings > Updates should inform you about any potential updates available. If it is notifying you about an old driver, please disregard that message.


                  The AMD Gaming Evolved APP does not always provide the correct information regarding updates and in some cases, it does not check for them at all as in your screenshot. I would recommend disabling the check for updates option in settings. (spanner - top right hand corner)

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